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 How To Take Care Of Your Car And Avoid Breakdowns Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When the cost of gas was reaching the sky, many people started pinching their pennies and utilizing certain techniques in order to get the most value out of every last drop of gas. These people are commonly referred to as "hyper-milers". One popular technique involves acceleration slowly and avoiding sudden stops. They maximize drag by removing things from their car that they really don't need to be carrying on a daily basis. Less weight is better. Coasting is another way to increase mileage as is anticipating traffic flow. While hypermiling is a sort of penny pinching method to increase and stretch your fuel dollar, here are some ways to maintain your car while maintaining your car budget.

You can either pay your mechanic now for some maintenance work or pay him even more later on in order to fix something. So let's start there. Do you have a mechanic? Is there someone you can rely on to provide you with honest and accurate estimates of work needed?

Once you have someone in mind, plan a maintenance schedule and most importantly, stick with it. First go to your car and open the glove compartment and take out the owners manual and read what the scheduled maintenance intervals are for your particular vehicle. Stick to the routine. It's rather easy to get a copy of your car's manual online if you can't find it.

Monitor the level of your oil on a regular basis. This is one of the most crucial things you'll do when it comes to taking proper care of your ride. Newer cars have engine oil change intervals of every 5,000 - -7,000 mile. You should be checking the level between these changes. How often depends on your commute and driving habits. I have a short commute and drive slowly in stop and go city traffic, so I check my oil every other time I get a fill up. If you are doing a lot of long commutes and freeway driving you should probably check it more often autel maxicheck pro. Newer cars consume less oil than older cars so if your vehicle is a bit old, you might have some more work cut out for you.

The second thing to do is to ensure that your coolant level is accurate. You are under the hood checking the oil so take the few extra minutes and check the coolant level. Never do this with a hot engine. Opening the radiator when the engine is hot can be disastrous. Make sure you also check the coolant reservoir if your car has one.

When it comes to the battery, make sure that its wires and belts aren't worn out or frayed. If you do find anything that just doesn't look right, bring that to your mechanic attentions right away. This preventative maintenance is all about making sure a small item doesn't turn into a financial drain later on.

Thirdly, carefully inspect your tire pressure and make sure that it is in good shape and not worn out. The correct PSI (pound per square inch) pressure is stamped on the tire or should be found easily on the side of the car. While you are looking at the tires, make sure you also check their wear. Again if you notice anything that doesn't look or seem right, have a mechanic check it out.

Sometimes vehicles leak fluid so look under your car and make sure there isn't anything dripping out MaxiSys Pro. This is best done on a flat clean driveway or parking lot. Note that you may see some pooling if you have been running your air conditioner. It is normal for condensation to drop to the floor.

Remember if you are unfamiliar with how to check either your oil, coolant, tire pressure or anything else, why not ask your mechanic to show you how? Perhaps ask a friend who is good with cars. Taking care of these small things will help you prevent major breakdowns and super expensive repair costs in the future.

Written by Jacqueline Star: Forth Worth Ford, Dallas Ford, Bay Area Infiniti
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 How to Select Your ATV Tires Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Whether you are dead-set on Interco ATV tires or you are open to another brand selection, you must first answer a simple question: Do you care more about tread or ride? ATV users generally are split on this subject, and the answer will undoubtedly determine which tires you select for your all-terrain vehicle.

- If you truly do not care either way, look to select all-terrain or all-purpose tires. These tires are the one-size-fits-all category where ATVs are concerned. You will experience a ride that is sufficient with these tires. Now, if you are looking for specific attributes for your ride md802, you will want to consider specialty tire designs instead.

- Trail tires are ideal for a variety of different conditions. If you expect to encounter a multitude of variable surfaces, go ahead and choose these. They boast enough tread to handle nearly any situation.

- Mud tires slice through that muddy mess with no problem. It is not a good idea to outfit your ATV with this type of tire if you truly will only be staying on a packed dirt trail. For true mud aficionados; however, mud tires cannot be beat. They are very obvious in that they sport chunky treads.

- Sand tires effectively scoop sand away to allow the vehicle to travel seamlessly through sandy conditions. Even the deepest grit will not get in the way of these functional tires, which have long grooves throughout. Flexibility is a must in these tires, which must resist the downward tendency to dig too deeply into the sand. This would result in the ATV becoming stuck and could serve as a huge safety hazard.

- Sport/performance tires are an impressive hybrid of traction, speed and quickness Autel MaxiSys Mini. Those ATV riders who plan to race their vehicle in a motocross condition should opt for this category of tires; however, they are significantly more expensive. There are ways to get a good deal on these tires, but if you are not planning to be in race-type conditions, it is better to save the money.

Selecting Interco ATV tires may be your aim, but make sure you select the ones that are right for your intended use. There is a good deal of difference among trail tires, all-terrain tires, mud tires, sand tires and sport/performance tires. Choose wisely and stay safe!

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 How To Repair Auto Air Conditioner Troubles Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The usual symptoms of a troubling auto A/C system are odors, noises and cooling performances and these should not be ignored at any cost. Ignoring these symptoms and other malfunctions are likely to increase the cost of repairs, even requiring a system shutdown. Hence knowing some of the major air conditioning tips for troubleshooting auto air conditioners can come in handy.

No Cool Air: The likely reason could be out of refrigerant, and usually results from a leak or leaks. There is a need to attend for a leaky O-ring seal, compressor or hose. Due to low pressure, the magnetic clutch fails to engage that is responsible for the protection of compressor resulting from less lubrication. First check compressor engagement. There could be a wiring problem or a blown fuse for clutch not engaging. However, replacement of fuse is not the only solution. The root cause of blown fuse should be diagnosed and taken care of for further prevention of recurrence. In addition, the reason could be a defective clutch autel maxisys mini ms905.

Intermittent Cooling: Leaking of refrigerant is yet another cause and can be checked with a dye available in pressurized cans and contains refrigerant or an electronic leak detector. An easy way out is to use soapy water. After adding some refrigerant and switching on the A/C, check for bubbles after spraying soapy water on the hose. The repair is cheap as it is only hose, seals and O-rings replacement that are required. However it is more costly to repair leaking condensers and evaporators.

Poor Cooling: If the cooling is not proper, the possible reasons could be less charging and other factors. Check pressure by looking at the reading of Low pressure gauge after turning off the engine. With adequate refrigerant, the reading on a warm day would be 56 pounds per square inch or higher and when the ambient temperature is 90 degree or higher autel maxicheck pro, the pressure would be 70 psi or higher. If the reading is less then there is a need for some refrigerant. Before going to add refrigerant, consult the specifications as provided by the manufacturer.

Noise: A noisy unit is a common air conditioning problem encountered. There could be rattling or other kind of noises that often results from a dying compressor. Some other reasons for these noises could be wrong lubricant in the compressor, air in the system or cross-contaminated refrigerant. Moreover, one can hear noise due to the presence of debris in the blower fan or some components being present in the engine component. Look out for the cause and trouble shoot the issue.

A/C Odor: If the air blowing out of the air conditioner of the vehicle seems dank or musty, then there are chances of microbes present on the evaporator. Mold and mildew can grow fast in damp, dark environment, resulting in further development of bacteria.

One easy way to lessen the condition is by using a mold-destroying enzyme solution that could be sprayed into the vents of the vehicle after mixing them. If there is still a presence of the odor, one can use evaporator cleansing service as provided by facilities for Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Calgary to remove smells.

Driver and occupants of a vehicle find hot and muggy weather quite miserable when the air conditioning system fails to perform well. Hence there is a regular need for its maintenance and making use of the trouble shooting tips of the air conditioner to save time and money of the owner.

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 How To Negotiate So You Can Get A Good Deal For A Vehicle Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If you want a good deal on a vehicle, you have to be willing to negotiate. Negotiation takes some practice, and you need to know what to say and what not to say to the salesperson. When you familiarize yourself with pricing and other information, you can start to work your way into the price that you want. The more you know, the less chance the salesperson has to get over on you.

Here are some pointers you can use when looking to negotiate a deal:

• When you look to negotiate, you should be confident in your demeanor and keep a positive outlook.

• While discussing price and other information with the salesperson, don't do it in a condescending manner. Otherwise, they won't want to work with you.

• Make sure that you have all your ammunition ready when seeking to negotiate a deal for a vehicle. Be ready to have a counter strategy should the salesperson try to get over on you.

• For additional ammunition, being advertisements from other dealerships. This can give the salesperson an incentive to go ahead and give you the best price.

• If possible, try to get your loan financed through your bank or credit union. This way, you save money on unnecessary fees that you would pay if the vehicle were financed through the dealership.

• It's always good to bring someone with you for that extra support. It's even better if the person is experienced in purchasing vehicles from a dealership. That way, they can give you tips on what and what not to do.

Be mindful of any tricks the salesperson may have up their sleeve. They will say things to try and rush you into making a decision. They do this to get you to pay more money when you are trying to get the vehicle for less. Here are some of the lines you may hear from them:

• "The vehicles are leaving the lot fast. This same model may not be here tomorrow. Or if it is, it may be at a higher price." Don't fall for it; you can always leave and go somewhere else. Then, if they really want your business, they'll change their tune.

• If they brag about how many vehicles they've sold in a certain time period, ignore it like the plague. You can walk away and that will let the salesperson know that they are not the only ones in town.

• If the salesperson claims to have another buyer for the same vehicle, telling you "The other person is willing to pay more than what you're offering Autel MaxiSys MS908." In that case,

you'd better run away from that as fast as you can autel maxisys ms906. Don't allow the salesperson to use intimidation to get what they want.

• The salesperson claims the dealership paid so much money to cover overhead costs. This is just another ploy to push your buttons. In this case, have your paperwork available to show otherwise.

Whatever you decide, don't allow these tactics to stop you from getting the best deal for a vehicle. If one dealership is not willing to negotiate, there are many others who will be more than happy to take care of you.

Find the best deal on the auto insurance coverage you need. Visit us today for money-saving tips and receive free quotes for cheap car insurance for young drivers from respected insurance companies.
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 How To Identify Your New Car Safety Ratings Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

One of the most important considerations you should never overlook when buying a new or used vehicle is its safety features. Safety has become more important to everyone in recent years; let's face it we spend a lot of time in our cars and with our families so car safety should outrank any cosmetic preferences. Now there are very specific government and auto industry standards to keep you and your family safe so let's take a look at what to look for.

One of the best car safety indicators of overall safety is the government crash test rating. All new vehicles will have these ratings readily available and it is a great place to begin understanding what you new car safety rating is. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA which you can find  is your first stop. The NHTSA uses two methods of crash testing in determining the safety of the vehicle, full frontal impact and side impact. The NHTSA uses a five star rating scale, the higher the number of stars the safer the vehicle is, the lower the number of stars the more dangerous the vehicle. You can find an outline of these car safety ratings and grades at

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is another great resource to help with learning about your car safety rating as well. The IIHS is a research group which conducts crash tests as well but more for the insurance industry. The one important difference about their frontal crash testing is that they use a more realistic offset testing method. Instead of crashing head on, which is extremely rare in frontal accidents, the crash test runs the vehicle into a deformable barrier meant to simulate another vehicle moving at 40 M.P.H. and the barrier only covering the portion of the vehicle in front of the driver. Most head on accidents are usually offset somewhat which usually results in worse damage due to torque and structural weakness. The IISH car safety tests cover this and help us understand the reality of a true head on collision. The IISH scores or ratings in their tests are rated by Good, Acceptable, Marginal, or Poor.

Now that you have a better idea of what your car safety rating is, you will also want to know what type of air bag system the vehicle has. All new vehicles are only mandated by law to have dual front airbags but many manufacturers realizing the important of safety have begun to offer side and rear airbags as well which is even more important in multi passenger vehicles like vans and SUVs. The side curtain airbags that drop down from the headliner offer greater head protection from the side and are highly recommended. Some vehicles now even have weight sensors as well that disable the airbag if a person below a certain weight is sitting there. This improvement came about from the first airbags that injured shorter people in the front seat due to headshots and airbag release pressure. You will start to see these improved safety sensors more and more from new vehicles.

Another very important consideration is the rollover rate of the vehicle as well. Vehicles with a higher profile are more likely to turn over. SUVs are up to three times more likely to roll over than passenger vehicles. The majority of all SUV fatalities have been due to rollover. Most SUVs come with options of 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive giving owners a false sense of security. Drivers of these vehicles think that because they have these options are invincible and push the envelope then expect the vehicle to perform whatever situations drivers put them in. Unfortunately, although they might have better traction in adverse weather and road conditions, these vehicles have more of a possibility of tipping when sharp cornering is attempted.

Antilock brakes have been around awhile and are a proven safety device, which is why insurance companies give you a discount if your vehicle has them; we highly recommended that you buy a vehicle with ABS autel ms906. Although many who use ABS the first time hate the feeling of not stopping like they used to, ABS does prevent the wheels from locking up during a hard stop, something that can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle MaxiSys Pro. ABS almost always provides shorter stops, but, even more importantly, the system helps keep the vehicle straight and allows the driver to maneuver during a panic stop.

Obviously child safety is what most of us really care about first off and for good reason. If you do have infants always make sure you look for a new technology called LATCH which stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. This universal system was designed to make it easier and safer to attach car seats due to the fact that many car seats are incompatible with the vehicle's safety belts. You'll also find more and more automobile manufacturers are adding build in car seats to ensure even more safety for our children which you might see this prominently in Mini Vans right now.

One more thing I'd like to touch on is the power features in a car. You should be sure that if the vehicle has power windows and door locks, which is basically a standard feature on most models now, it also has disabling locks that you can control to keep children from accidentally opening doors and windows and creating unwanted chances for injury.

As you can see there are many issues when discussing new car safety and these are just a few of the main safety features to look for. There are many other Consumer Reports and car safety reviews that provide even more information and provide good source for comprehensive car safety information.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. For quality car care products go to

Get valuable tips and links for car buying online and buy cars online including online car loans, online car insurance, online car auctions, car buying mistakes and car dealer scams to avoid and so much more at Car Buying Online
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