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You might have such experience: to have a car maintenance, be told of the need to do a lot of maintenance, replacement of a lot of parts, not cheap. As for this money is worth, whether there is a need to do, the owner himself is often baffled. In fact, if you read the car manual, have the correct driving style, and know that some of the car maintenance Autel Maxidas DS808, common sense, can even yourself have some simple maintenance, you can save a lot of silver in the whole car ownership in the link.

The content of the convention maintains car actually is not much, mainly oil changes and the oil filter, this is the most important content of maintenance. Most of Japanese car have maintenance every 5000 kilometers, German car and French system generally have car serviced every 15000 km. I think, to urban driving, every 15000 km to have a maintenance is OK. It is not necessary to reduce maintenance mileage.

I give you the advice is that having regularly check the oil stock habits, such as every 1000 or 2000 km a second look. Find the oil loss, then to add some to it by yourself. No need to change the oil. Car maintenance, in addition to need to be replaced periodically content, machine oil filter, besides the air filter, fuel filter, gear oil, spark plug, belts. These things change mileage or specific time, in your car manual all has very clear illustration. In fact, as the owner, just comply with the content of the executive. Neither delays maintenance, nor have necessity excessive maintenance. Some 4 S shops for earnings of consideration, recommends that customers frequent maintenance. For the car, it's nothing bad, but the owners have to spend a lot of money.

In addition, the car brake pads and manual clutch, batteries and tires, also are need to change. However, these a few things didn't have the change of the specific time. Because each person drive technology and every car driving trafficis are different, these things have the different wear degree, too. The last question is cleaning throttle and carbon. If often in prosperous road driving, due to the low speed, engine cylinder internal and throttle, there must be a carbon produce. When there's carbon, it can cause the engine to bad, such as start difficulties, low speed speed instability, trembling, easy to destroy car etc. Appearing this kind of circumstance, cleaning is required. Among them, cleaning throttle is very simple, just open intake pipe to spray the carburetor detergent. But cleaning the internal cylinder carbon is more troublesome, and the price is not low. So, I suggest you that if Monday to Friday the car use very slow speed to work, Saturday and Sunday you best can go to the country with high speed. It can effectively reduce the carbon production speed Autel MaxiSys Pro. In addition, the manual block of car had better not to low rotation speed shift, added the speed to at least 3000 turn to shift, which is not only fuel-efficient, still can delay the formation of carbon.

Say so, learn some good driving style, can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance, which can save a lot of money.

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